Robust web sites, custom built

Your web site is important to you and your customers. It's obvious that a professional looking web site portrays a professional company. Your customers should enjoy using your web site and it should be easy for you to update, so that it becomes an integral part of your business.

Our aim is to design and create web sites which are easy to navigate and simple for your visitors to use. That doesn't mean, of course, that they have to be technically simple. Our experience allows us to hide the complexities behind a pleasant to use web site.

The services that we offer include:

  • Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) - gives you complete control of your web site content without the risk of disrupting the overall design of the web site. Click here for more details.

  • Online shopping - a web site that enables you to sell your products online, anywhere in the world. We provide the facility to manage your products, orders and customers. We also integrate your web site with online payment gateways such as WorldPay, Protx, PayPal and Google Checkout.
  • Intranet systems - a web site does not have to be viewable by the public, it can be used as an internal company system not limited by the bounds of your office.

  • Simple static site - web sites don't have to be complicated. If all you need is a web presence telling customers about your business we can provide an online brochure.

With all our sites

  • Maintenance and enhancements - Once you have gone live with your web site we are here to help your web site grow and change as your business does.

  • User friendly systems - working online does not have to be daunting, we build systems that are easy for your visitors to use.

  • Search engine friendly - all our sites are written with search engines in mind.

  • Browser compatibility - we check that our sites work in all the top Windows browsers, not just Internet Explorer, ensuring that your web site can be viewed how you intend it by the widest possible audience.

Because every web site is different, we don't publish a price list based on the number of pages, how many graphics or the number of words. If you can provide all words, pictures, etc in electronic format then it's going to be quicker, hence cheaper, for us to produce your site. Therefore, we want to talk to you and discuss your needs (which is free) before we give you a price.

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