Umbraco CMS

We use a Content Management System (CMS) called Umbraco ( which allows web site owners and operators to manage the content and structure of their site via a user friendly administration system.

No knowledge of HTML is necessary to use Umbraco because the content is entered via a word processor style system. Umbraco then handles the presentation of that information on the web site pages.

We can install Umbraco for you, ready to use, or you are free to do it yourself.


Umbraco allows for one or more templates which define how the pages will look. The overall layout such as menus, headers, footers, etc and where the page content will appear are all defined by the templates.

These templates, like almost everything else, are stored within Umbraco. However, access to them can be restricted to specific users. Therefore, only those that know how to create HTML templates can access them.


There are 2 types of content contributing users - writers and editors.

A writer can create new pages and edit existing ones, but they cannot publish their changes to the live web site. Instead, they submit their work to be reviewed by an editor.

An editor can also create new pages and edit existing ones, but they are able to publish their work directly to the live web site. They are also responsible for reviewing and accepting or rejecting changes made by writers.

Each time a new version is published, the previous one is saved. At any time, it is possible to select a previous version and revert (rollback) to it.

The possibilities

are endless! Umbraco is completely open to customisation. There are no design requirements imposed by Umbraco - you (or we!) design the template and tell Umbraco where to insert your information.

You decide what items of information are required for each type of page. You also decide what type of page is allowed at any point within your web site. For each page type, you decide what information is required or optional.

All of this is contained within a system that handles user access levels, deals with producing the web pages and stores everything within a database.

We install and setup Umbraco (fee applies) ready for use. We can then help you create templates and setup the system ready for you to start adding content.

There are too many features and opportunities with Umbraco for us to describe them here, in detail. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.